CIC Excellence Program
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The CIC Excellence Program will focus on attracting, developing and growing talent for the Namibian market. The program will focus on recruiting high-flyers who can be fast-tracked, to develop into essential positions within the FMCG industry.

The program is the best platform for students to gain experience in a new environment after tertiary training. Growing personally, while they contributing to the company’s objectives. The CIC Excellence Program will commence on 1 September 2015.


Building your future: The CICEP will give graduates opportunities to enable them to enrich their education with real-time experiences and apply classroom lessons in professional settings. The program will help you refine your job skills and professional abilities.

Gain work experience and transferable skills: After graduation, all students all have the same degree, the CICEP allows students to stand out from the crowd because they are automatically marketable after the program. Although they have had training in the classroom, transferable skills are still required and these skills can only be experienced in the field. These skills include; teamwork, communication, leadership and interpersonal skills.

Possibly earn money: Earn a market related salary

Prospective career path: Exploring after graduation is the final part of the academic process. Attaining work experience in the field of study will help fast track a career. They will gain practical experience by applying methods and theories learned previously.

Develop new skills and refine other: The program allows graduate to learn their strengths and weaknesses. Creating learning objectives and receiving feedback from your supervisor will provide a platform and opportunity to fine-tune skills and develop new one.

Ambition: Due to the competitive nature of the Namibian workforce, the program will heighten your eagerness and desire to achieve greatness and success.

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